Oracle GoldenGate WARNING OGG-25108 Failed to set the Oracle session tag: ORA-04060: insufficient privileges to execute DBMS_STREAMS.SET_TAG

How Problems with Oracle GoldenGate

22 February 2020   0 Comment

On the Oracle GoldenGate app, you may encounter an error like below when logging in with the goldengate user. The error I encountered occurred in the database on the Oracle 19c GoldenGate version. Oracle Bug fixed in and on later versions. Correct it by adding DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.set_tag for 11g DB. Oracle will continue to […]

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Error: Failed to download metadata for repo ‘ol8_baseos_latest’ Linux Rhel8 and Oracle linux 8

Oracle linux 8 Error

19 February 2020   0 Comment

I encountered a problem with yum repository problem on Oracle linux 8, you can produce a solution by doing the following operations. It can also cause the following issues. Incorrect date and time settings Old dnf cache available or expired Proxy address not defined or proxy address specified in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file is incorrect cd /etc/yum.repos.d […]

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How to use the Oracle Data Guard Switchover Operations

oracle dataguard

16 February 2020   0 Comment

Dataguard Switchover is a planned role change. In other words, it is the transition of the live database to the standby role and the standby database to the live role. We may be doing Dataguard switchover for testing the functionality of our backup database, doing maintenance work in our live database, etc.Dataguard Switchover operation can […]

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Cloning an Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC) Database Software Home

Oracle Software

6 February 2020   0 Comment

In this post we will demonstrate how to create the Oracle RAC Database Software Clone manually, add them to the respective script on Oracle Full Rack Exadata Compute Node. Create a tarball of the source home Node1 cd /u01/app/ orcl /product/orcl_12201tar zcvf /u01/app/ orcl /orcl .tar Node2 cd /u01/app/ orcl /product/orcl_12201tar zcvf /u01/app/ orcl […]

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Exadata and Exalogic Elastic Cloud IB Ports State Shown as Down Along with Infiniband Switch Ports Status Showing AutomaticHighErrorRate Message

Oracle Exadata Troubleshooting

5 February 2020   0 Comment

In the Exadata and Exalogic Elastic Cloud racks, you may see issue of IB ports showing status as “Down” when running “ibstat” command. This issue can of happen on Compute Nodes,İnifiniband Switch or Storage heads. IB port being down on Compute Node can be confirmed by running below command [root@xc000xc-ibb01 ~] # listlinkup Connector 0A […]

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