Basic Usage Netcat Nmap

linux tutorial bigdba

20 November 2020   0 Comment

Netcat has become one of the indispensable tools of system administrators, network administrators and even programmers because it does its job both very simple and very efficient. It is one of the best representatives of the Unix philosophy as well, with its under-defined job well done. Install Netcat Package yum install -y nc Check if […]

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What is Oracle Data Safe

Oracle Data Safe

13 November 2020   0 Comment

Data Safe is a unified control center for your Oracle Databases that helps you understand the sensitivity of your data, assess data-related risks, mask sensitive data, implement and monitor security controls, evaluate user security, monitor user activity, and meet data security compliance requirements. . Whether you are using Oracle Autonomous Database. Data Safe, Oracle Database […]

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Managing Oracle Database Maintenance Tasks

Oracle Software

6 November 2020   0 Comment

Oracle database has started to work proactively since 10G. Working proactively means taking measures by intervening as soon as we receive an alert about the database. As seen in the picture above, it does everything automatically.Automatic Workload Repository (AWR): It is a storage area that keeps the statistical information necessary for the detection and solution […]

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