How to Simply do Oracle Physical Standby Database Using RMAN Backup/Restore and Change DBNAME Using NID Utility


30 November 2022   0 Comment

In the development environment, a quick copy of a database with a different dbname or sid may be required. In such cases, we need to use rman duplicate or standard rman restore method. In this post, we will change the dbname by doing a quick copy. Steps Perform a backup of the primary standby database […]

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Oracle Exadata X8M Installation & Deployment Process

16 November 2022   0 Comment

Hi mate, How is your day going so far? I wish you luck to achieve what you’re hardworking for. this post I wanted to handle on the Exadata installation process. All IP addresses must be statically assigned, including dynamically assigned (DHCP) addresses.All RDMA Network structure IP addresses must be in the same subnet with a […]

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