Communicate Two Docker Containers with “Docker Network”

Docker Tutorıal

7 October 2020   0 Comment

Today, I am going to talk about connecting two docker containers with docker network feature. First, we need to create at least two different docker containers. I am going to work with “Oracle DB” and “Oracle WebLogic” docker containers. Let’s check containers and their status with; My containers’ name are “OracleDBOrnek” and “OracleWebLogicSarper” docker ps […]

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How to Connecting PostgreSQL using PHP 7.3 with Basic Ajax Login Script

PostgreSQL PHP7 Login

30 September 2020   0 Comment

You can use Apache(LEMP), PHP, PostgreSQL to build a easy web app. PgAdmin It is an excellent tool to manage PHP PostgreSQL projects. You must upload the postgreSQL extension by editing the php.ini and restart apache service in order to access psql with php. For install PostgreSQL on Redhat and Centos 6,7 Linux we have […]

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Install Apache Kafka on CentOS

25 September 2020   0 Comment

Let’s start with updating all the repositories and installing java; yum update -y wget –no-cookies –no-check-certificate –header “Cookie:oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie” “” yum -y localinstall jdk-8u131-linux-x64.rpm Now, we can download Kafka tar file into local server; wget We need to extract Kafka tar file; tar -xzf kafka_2.12-2.4.1.tgz Change its directory; mv kafka_2.12-2.4.1.tgz /usr/local/kafka Now, let’s configure ZooKeeper […]

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How to Install Apache Cassandra on CentOS 7

22 September 2020   0 Comment

Cassandra Installation on CentOS 7.x Before Installing Cassandra, we need to Install Java 8; yum update -y wget –no-cookies –no-check-certificate –header “Cookie:oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie” “” yum -y localinstall jdk-8u131-linux-x64.rpm We can check java version as down below; To install Cassandra, we need to add following parameters into /etc/yum.repos.d/cassandra.repo [cassandra] name=Apache Cassandra baseurl= gpgcheck=1 repo_gpgcheck=1 gpgkey= You can […]

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What is Zend OpCache?

15 September 2019   0 Comment

It is a low level cache mechanism used by Zend to reduce CPU usage on each request through the intermediate code generated by the standard Zend runtime compiler in the Zend Optimizer. A product that improves for faster operation. If you are using php 5.5 on your server and you have not turned it off, […]

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