How to Connecting PostgreSQL using PHP 7.3 with Basic Ajax Login Script

PostgreSQL PHP7 Login

You can use Apache(LEMP), PHP, PostgreSQL to build a easy web app. PgAdmin It is an excellent tool to manage PHP PostgreSQL projects.

You must upload the postgreSQL extension by editing the php.ini and restart apache service in order to access psql with php.

For install PostgreSQL on Redhat and Centos 6,7 Linux we have explained here, detail installation process.

Let’s get to work by creating our tables.

Let’s check it out.

Edit for content: giris.php add tag <script src=”include.js” ></script>

Jquery Ajax file(include.js)



Let’s check with false information.

Let’s check with correct information.

Let’s end the session.

Congrats. You’ve survived two minute 🙂 Have a nice day.