How to Fix Oracle Exalogic X6-2 Elastic Cloud ZFS Storage Multiple correctable ECC errors on a memory DIMM have been detected.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

22 June 2020   0 Comment

İs as follows the output of these commands: maintenance hardware list maintenance problems show confirm shell zpool status confirm shell zpool list maintenance hardware show We have a memory problem in Exalogic ZFS Storage cel01 node.Details appearing on the ilom are as follows; İlom > Maintenance > ProblemsDescription Multiple correctable ECC errors on a memory […]

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Understand The Oracle Exadata Cell Offload Feature

Exadata Smart Scan and Cell Offload

1 June 2020   0 Comment

Oracle Exadata Smart Scan and Cell Offloading Smart Scan is probably the most important performance component of the software in terms of exceptional performance offered by Exadata. Smart Scan is a cell offloading feature that is to process into storage cells offload of performing block I / O requests at the database layer. The purpose […]

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How to Create and Configure a Pluggable Database (PDB) in Oracle Database 19c Multitenant Architecture

Oracle Container Database and Pluggable Database

26 May 2020   0 Comment

Hi, in this post I will write about how Oracle Database 19c Multitenant architecture PDB is created with DBCA. Run the DBCA after the CDB Database is set. Then just follow the steps as below. Choose Manage Pluggable Databases Choose Create a Pluggable Database Enter the sys information for the container database. Choose Create a […]

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Oracle Exadata X7 Error A memory component is suspected of causing a fault with a 100% certainty.

Oracle Exadata Troubleshooting

13 April 2020   0 Comment

I encountered an error on Exadata like below. Alert Summary Maintenance A memory component suspected of causing a fault Detailed Alert Information A memory component is suspected of causing a fault with a 100% certainty. Check Cellcli. cellcli > list alerthistory There is no error Check İlom -> show /SYS/MB/P0/D7 /SYS/MB/P0/D7 Targets: PRSNT SERVICE fault_state […]

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Oracle Database Backup & Recovery Using Recovery Manager(RMAN) TUTORIAL

Rman Tutorial

20 March 2020   0 Comment

Create a Oracle database with the name PRİMARYDB running in ARCHIVELOG mode. For simplicity the database can be created with all files located under one common area: For example “/opt/oracle/oradata/primarydb/” Archive log files can be located at “/opt/oracle/oradata/primarydb/arch” Use small redo log file sizes (1 megabyte) to simulate redo activity. Before using RMAN, we need […]

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How to use the Oracle Data Guard Switchover Operations

oracle dataguard

16 February 2020   0 Comment

Dataguard Switchover is a planned role change. In other words, it is the transition of the live database to the standby role and the standby database to the live role. We may be doing Dataguard switchover for testing the functionality of our backup database, doing maintenance work in our live database, etc.Dataguard Switchover operation can […]

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Cloning an Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC) Database Software Home

Oracle Software

6 February 2020   0 Comment

In this post we will demonstrate how to create the Oracle RAC Database Software Clone manually, add them to the respective script on Oracle Full Rack Exadata Compute Node. Create a tarball of the source home Node1 cd /u01/app/ orcl /product/orcl_12201tar zcvf /u01/app/ orcl /orcl .tar Node2 cd /u01/app/ orcl /product/orcl_12201tar zcvf /u01/app/ orcl […]

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Exadata and Exalogic Elastic Cloud IB Ports State Shown as Down Along with Infiniband Switch Ports Status Showing AutomaticHighErrorRate Message

Oracle Exadata Troubleshooting

5 February 2020   0 Comment

In the Exadata and Exalogic Elastic Cloud racks, you may see issue of IB ports showing status as “Down” when running “ibstat” command. This issue can of happen on Compute Nodes,İnifiniband Switch or Storage heads. IB port being down on Compute Node can be confirmed by running below command [root@xc000xc-ibb01 ~] # listlinkup Connector 0A […]

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Oracle Exadata Storage Cell Rescue Using the internal Flash Drive

Oracle Exadata Troubleshooting

17 December 2019   0 Comment

While working on the Exadata Storage cell insert, the attachment failed due to the internal USB drive in the storage cell. Oracle uses the internal USB drive to automatically back up the Exadata Storage cell. We do not have to back up the storage cell manually. In this article, I will show you how to […]

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Celldisk and Griddisk are Not Created Automatically on Oracle Full Rack Exadata Cell Node

Oracle Exadata Troubleshooting

9 December 2019   0 Comment

In this post we will demonstrate how to create the Cell Disk and Grid disks manually, add them to the respective ASM Disk Group on Oracle Full Rack Exadata Cell Node. The Exadata Machine is expected to be up and running and the storage cell containing the failed drive to boot and be available. If […]

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Command Line İnterface “CLI”


4 December 2019   0 Comment

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is one of the Cloud Control Database management tools. It is a database management tool developed by Oracle for managing databases and operating systems independently from one place. Enterprise Manager Grid Control, which was previously called Enterprise Manager 12c & 13C Cloud Control is the new name of the management tool. […]

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How To Recreate SGA & PGA İn Oracle Database

oracle sga & pga recreate

2 December 2019   0 Comment

SGA = also known as shared memory space. This is the area where data and control information generated on the Ram is stored when Oracle Instance is started. It is not allowed to be used by another application until the database is closed. When turned off, the memory space returns to the source system. This […]

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Oracle Migrating Table Columns from Longs to CLOB


  0 Comment

The purpose of LOB (Large Object) Data Types is to store large data. Ex. document (txt, word, excel, xml), pictures, video, audio and so on. This type of data was previously held in data types such as long, raw, long raw, and nowadays large objects are held in data types such as BLOB, CLOB, NCLOP. […]

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How to Detect Oracle Data Guard Gap In Your Archivelog Validate SEQUENCE

dataguard fix

29 November 2019   0 Comment

I will write, what we should do when a log interval “GAP” occurs between Primary / Standby and we accidentally delete some of the archive log files on the Primary database. Suppose we do not have a backup of the deleted archive files. Normally we dba should not allow such a situation, but such a […]

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Oracle RAC scan ip check “comp scan cluvfy”

Oracle cluster check

27 November 2019   0 Comment

SCAN is a name that gives clients access to the cluster service. You can use cluvfy comp scan (found Grid_home \ bin) to verify that DNS correctly associates the SCAN with the addresses. Because SCAN is associated with the cluster as a whole instead of a specific node, SCAN makes it possible to add or […]

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Oracle Block Corruption Fix


26 November 2019   0 Comment

This post describes how to repair multiple or single-block corruption of data files, including system data files, in the Oracle database. Block corruption is a common source of database outages. Database block becomes corrupted when its content is different from what the Oracle database expects to find. If block corruption is not prevented or repaired, […]

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Database Replication with Oracle Goldengate 11G İnstallation Step By Step On Oracle Linux


16 September 2019   1 Comment

Oracle’s GoldenGate is a software solution that enables DML, DDL, DCL and TCL replication of existing data between databases. If you want to explain this sentence briefly, thanks to Oracle GoldenGate, we can transfer and operate the records of the transactions performed on the source database on the target databases we want, in real time […]

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Database Replication with Oracle 11G Streams

Oracle Streams

  0 Comment

Starting from Oracle HA (High Availability) products, Oracle Dataguard, RAC and RMAN are the most commonly used products. Oracle Streams emerges as a replication product, but mainly uses Oracle Logical Standby technology. Oracle Streams generally consists of three different processes called Apply, Propagate and Capture. Apply is the process that runs the LCR records in […]

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