Step-by-step Installation for Verıtas InfoScale Enterprise With Microsoft SQL Server Cluster

Verıtas Infoscale Enterprıse

1- Veritas InfoScale
Veritas InfoScale Availability is a comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery center solution that protects critical business services from planned and unplanned outages.

2- Advantages of Veritas InfoScale
Veritas InfoScale Advantages: The InfoScale family of products is installed on an on-premises disc media. This product is especially active in disk virtualization, brand-independent inter-disk data migration capabilities. It will be possible to switch to the newly installed system without displaying the back up / restore operation of all databases, only by showing the related disk unit.
Unlike MS clustering solutions, Veritas InfoScale offers several features:
A- Fast failover feature; Because the DISC allows volume volumes to be kept unmounted, it provides speed and performance advantages in transferring disk resources to the secondary node.
B- In case of need, it creates memory space according to the suitability of the underlying disk structure and provides performance improvement.
C- Unlike MS Cluster, it can control the status of resources by continuously monitoring, not by polling mechanism. It provides faster action in case of error.
D- Unlike MS Cluster, it can be disabled with a single command in any problem since it is not directly embedded in the operating system and applications such as SQL. If required, this feature provides greater flexibility in system up-time and maintenance / control processes. For example, if an MS Service Pack or Hotfix causes a problem when installing in MS Cluster, it may cause the entire cluster structure to be installed from scratch with operating systems and applications. This can be managed more flexibly in Veritas InfoScale.

3- Veritas InfoScale can manage multiple clusters as a single cluster. For example, in a 3-tier architecture, web – application – database layers can function as parts of a single universal cluster. In this case, a problem in the service or application created by these layers can be observed in a holistic manner. If necessary, failover can be provided with a single button or automatically.

4- InfoScale Cluster supports distributed architecture, distributed media clustering, and disaster center scenarios with embedded features. It can manage data replication between two centers or two systems (according to the replication compatibility list), failover, allowing the disk – replication – database – application layers to be displaced with a single key during the failback process. These features are not available in MS Cluster.

Veritas InfoScale POC STUDY
The installations detailed in the document are completed on 3 servers, 2 of which are physical and 1 is virtual, with Windows 2012 R2 installed.

Server Hostnames:

Instance Names:
2.instance by-MSSQLSERVERINS2

Server Names:

Virtual Server Name:

Veritas InfoScale Test Phase
In POC studies:
– Failover Tests
– Add or remove disks, mount, expand
– Cluster Disk Group Creation
– Fast Failover activation
– Features are tested.

5- Installation

5.1. Veritas Cluster Configuration Wizard
VCS Version: 7.4.10000

5.2. Veritas Cluster Java Console Wizard

5.3. SQL Server Configuration Wizard

5.4. Disk Adjustments

5.5. Veritas Cluster Explorer

5.6. Second Instance Installation

Sql Server 2012 setup is installed on both nodes.

5.7. Veritas InfoScale Operation Manager

Web console administration screen: