ORA-46952: standby database format mismatch for password file

oracle dataguard

If there is a gap problem in your standby dataguard environment and you are getting this error, you are in the right post. This error is a generic error and your password file indicates a problem. It’s time to check your file. Let’s get started.

First of check, do a bidirectional connection test and make sure that there is no problem with tns.

sqlplus sys@source as sysdba

sqlplus sys@target as sysdba

Let’s take a look at what the password file format is.

select file_name, format from v$passwordfile_info;

The format looks 12 for me, it may be different for you.

Regenerate the password file on the primary side and move it on standby.

orapwd file=orapwTESTR password=”sys password” entries=5 force=y format=12

Check the password file on the primary side with the md5sum function and make sure you get the same value.

md5sum orapwTESTR

If there is an inconsistency in the md5 file.
If you are sending the file to the other side with scp, this may be a problem.

Extract the file to your desktop with sftp and upload it to standby.

MRP Process Cancel


MRP Process Start
alter database recover managed standby database disconnect from session;

Check the MRP process.

select process,client_process,SEQUENCE#,status FROM V$MANAGED_STANDBY;

Everything should be fine now, good luck 🙂