How to Kill Long Running Transactions In The Goldengate Extract

How Problems with Oracle GoldenGate

You can’t close an extract that is a long running transaction with Golden gate. Let’s find out how it’s done.


You can check extract

GGSCI (dev) 21> info all

GGSCI (dev) 21> send extract name showtrans tabular

GGSCI (dev) 21> stop extractname

STOP request pending. There are open, long-running transactions.
Before you stop Extract, make the archives containing data for those transactions available for when Extract restarts.
To force Extract to stop, use the SEND EXTRACT GREPORA_EXT, FORCESTOP command.
Oldest redo log file necessary to restart Extract is:

You can copy extract number range



select * from gv$transaction;

select b.inst_id,b.sid,b.serial#, b.username,wait_class, state,SECONDS_IN_WAIT,


from gv$transaction a, gv$session b where a.SES_ADDR=b.saddr and a.XIDUSN=1189 and a.XIDSLOT=7 and a.XIDSQN=4196989 

You can detect and kill session address

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